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A legacy of humor and kindness – remembering Ann Hardy


We are saddened by the recent passing of one of our most loyal supporters, Ms. Ann Hardy.

Ann was known for her outspoken nature, kindness, generosity, and for the way she strived to live her life to the fullest every day. She was a long-standing lover of cats, often living with multiple kitties (up to six at a time), and was particularly fond of Balinese and Siamese cats. Ann’s cats were truly her family, and were part of the welcoming committee every time she had visitors to her home. She spoiled them unforgivingly, and always provided them with the utmost in care and affection. She even had a separate room dedicated solely to cats, complete with cat trees and toys that they could enjoy at their leisure.

Ann first made connections with the Center in 1988, when she made a donation in memory of her beloved kitty, Luvey, who succumbed to feline infectious peritonitis that year. This began a nearly 30-year relationship during which we came to know Ann as a strong advocate for feline well-being and a dedicated supporter of research focused on issues in feline health. Ann kept in close contact with our former director, the late Jim Richards, and staff of the Center throughout the years, and her letters and cards were universally enjoyed for their humor, candor, and warmth. In the last decade, she graciously hosted many of us from the Center, and we will always remember her for her unique blend of humor and affection for her cats and our mission.

We were particularly touched by the fact that Ann’s loyal commitment to our cause persisted, and even increased, with her declining health toward the end of her life, so very consistent with the person she was. Whenever we expressed our most sincere thanks, she was quick to say that this recognition was not necessary and changed the subject with a humorous interjection or story. If there is anything that is more remarkable than Ann’s continued support for our cause through the later years of her life, it was the matter-of-fact attitude that she had about these tremendous gifts, in stark contrast to how much we cherished, and continue to cherish them.

Through her numerous annual gifts and the legacy that she established by arranging an unrestricted bequest to the Center upon her passing, Ann embodies the quintessential example of a dedicated Cornell Feline Heath Center supporter. We will always remember Ann’s stalwart support and her dedication to all cats, her own and those less fortunate.

The Cornell Feline Heath Center is reliant upon the generosity and dedication of supporters like Ann to be able to achieve our goals. Thank you, Ann, for your trust and loyalty. Your support will help us tremendously in achieving our mission.